Having been heralded as one of the brightest British talents around, here Kate performs three poems from her most recent poetry collection, Running Upon the Wires.

Running Upon The Wires, is in a sense a departure from her previous work. It charts the journey from heartbreak at the end of one relationship, to the joy at the beginning of a new love; but also marks the self-destruction and tumult in between as the heart is pulled both ways at once.

A beautifully varied series of formal poems, spoken songs, fragments, vignettes and ballads, Running Upon the Wires is unashamedly personal, intimate and true to Tempest’s unique voice.

In this video, beautiful and authentic in equal measure, Tempest chooses a selection of poems from this new collection, each marking a point within this journey.

(Please note, this video contains explicit content.)

Described as a ‘game-changer’ and set to confirm Kate’s role as one of our most important poetic truth–tellers, Running Upon The Wires is now available, and be sure to experience the audiobook version to hear the poems performed by Kate herself.