We've had a busy time this month at Tor Towers, there's always rather a lot of editing to do at the beginning of the year as authors deliver their new scripts - and lots of planning for the year ahead to make sure critical path deadlines are met and books are published on time. And of course, covers. Making sure we have great covers for our wonderful authors' books to make them look as pick-up-able as possible. And I have three finished visuals in this cover launch for you to have a look at:

In March we have John Gwynne's new novel Valour coming, continuing from the award-winning Malice. The cover for this debut got such great feedback and felt really strong.


We wanted to continue the very iconic-looking cover style we started with the beginning of this series. But in the next book there's a particular axe that has a part to play in the storyline so we decided to do something with that. After all everyone loves a big axe, don't they?


Then coming up in May we have Paul Cornell's next offering in his Shadow Police series, The Severed Streets. We got such great reviews for London Falling including from Ben Aaronovitch who called it:  ‘An irresistible blend of guns, gangsters, cops and monsters that grabs you by the eyeballs and never lets go. Start this book early in the day people, because you ain’t going to get no sleep until it’s done.’ We had two slightly different cover looks for the trade paperback and the paperback of London Falling.

 london-falling-uk_2                              cops-and-monsters-978033052809201_4

But for The Severed Streets we decided to do something slightly different again. Something that reflected the feeling of the Shadow Police series that, as SFX magazine said, was: grittier and harder-edged than Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, more coherent and less estoric than China Mieville’s Kraken, less pedestrian and harder-hitting than Ben Aaronvitch’s Rivers of London. I think we've nailed it.


And last, but certainly not least, in August we have our brand new debut from Australian author Ben Peek. Now this one was a cover that we were having a few difficulties with deciding about the cut and the perspective and so we did something rather terrifying - we put it out there for a public vote.

immolation-2-3-1-4_3                                      immolation-2-3-2-3_3

Now I, personally, love doing this - after all, it''s getting feedback from people who know the genre, who love the artwork involved and who aren't afraid to voice an opinion. And voice it you did. The result being we changed the title, the type, the figure perspective and our final version is one that author, agent and publisher are all very happy with. We hope you are too!