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Acclaimed works from prize-winning Picador authors, including Edward St Aubyn and Alan Hollinghurst. From must-read literary sensations like A Little Life to timeless classics like Plainsong, these are books that challenge conventions, spark debates and feed imaginations.

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Lucy Scholes reviews Hanya Yanagihara’s debut novel, The People in the Trees.

Tim Winton discusses The Shepherd’s Hut with Sophie Jonathan.

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  1. Book cover for The Orchard Keeper
    The Orchard Keeper

    Cormac McCarthy

  2. Book cover for Cities of the Plain
    Cities of the Plain

    Cormac McCarthy

  3. Book cover for Outer Dark
    Outer Dark

    Cormac McCarthy

  4. Book cover for Child of God
    Child of God

    Cormac McCarthy

  5. Book cover for The Road film tie-in
    The Road film tie-in

    Cormac McCarthy

  6. Book cover for Shallows

    Tim Winton

  7. Book cover for In the Winter Dark
    In the Winter Dark

    Tim Winton

  8. Book cover for Minimum of Two
    Minimum of Two

    Tim Winton

  9. Book cover for Scission

    Tim Winton

  10. Book cover for That Eye, the Sky
    That Eye, the Sky

    Tim Winton

  11. Book cover for The Savage Detectives
    The Savage Detectives

    Roberto Bolaño

  12. Book cover for The Palace of Illusions
    The Palace of Illusions

    Chitra Divakaruni

  13. Book cover for Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man

    Aleksandar Hemon

  14. Book cover for The Lazarus Project
    The Lazarus Project

    Aleksandar Hemon

  15. Book cover for Guernica

    Dave Boling

  16. Book cover for The Almost Moon
    The Almost Moon

    Alice Sebold

  17. Book cover for The Other Garden and Collected Stories
    The Other Garden and Collected Stories

    Francis Wyndham

  18. Book cover for The Missing Person's Guide to Love
    The Missing Person's Guide to Love

    Susanna Jones

  19. Book cover for An Open Swimmer
    An Open Swimmer

    Tim Winton

  20. Book cover for Swallowing Grandma
    Swallowing Grandma

    Kate Long

  21. Book cover for The Blackwater Lightship
    The Blackwater Lightship

    Colm Toibin

  22. Book cover for The Story of the Night
    The Story of the Night

    Colm Toibin

  23. Book cover for Winter Under Water
    Winter Under Water

    James Hopkin

  24. Book cover for A Far Country
    A Far Country

    Daniel Mason

  25. Book cover for Continent

    Jim Crace

  26. Book cover for Arcadia

    Jim Crace

  27. Book cover for Six

    Jim Crace

  28. Book cover for Signals of Distress
    Signals of Distress

    Jim Crace

  29. Book cover for The Gift of Stones
    The Gift of Stones

    Jim Crace

  30. Book cover for The Devil's Larder
    The Devil's Larder

    Jim Crace

  31. Book cover for Mothers and Sons
    Mothers and Sons

    Colm Toibin

  32. Book cover for The Delivery Room
    The Delivery Room

    Sylvia Brownrigg

  33. Book cover for The Turning
    The Turning

    Tim Winton

  34. Book cover for Nothing To Be Afraid Of
    Nothing To Be Afraid Of

    Will Eaves

  35. Book cover for Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living
    Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living

    Carrie Tiffany

  36. Book cover for The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
    The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank

    Ellen Feldman

  37. Book cover for The Line of Beauty
    The Line of Beauty

    Alan Hollinghurst

  38. Book cover for Senseless

    Paul Golding

  39. Book cover for Waxwings

    Jonathan Raban

  40. Book cover for Cause Celeb
    Cause Celeb

    Helen Fielding

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