Book cover for My Magical Easter Bunny

My Magical Easter Bunny

Campbell Books

Illustrated by Yujin Shin

Ages 1 to 5



05 March 2020
10 pages
Imprint: Campbell Books


This fab colourful book really is magical! The story is about a bouncy Easter Bunny as he hides Easter eggs in some surprising places! There are lots of things to do push, pull and turn mechanisms to keep your child engaged and entertained.
This book made my child smile! He loved receiving this book as an Easter Sunday surprise! Really colourful, lots of rhyme and lots of interactive parts to pull, spin or slide! We had so much fun reading the story of the Easter bunny hiding Easter eggs for his friends. Also we enjoyed seeing what would move on each page! A very happy 3 year old!
This book is bright and colourful and tells the story of the Easter bunny as he hides eggs all around. The sliders in this book are really clever, on the first page for example, the bunny starts under the ground and then the slider moves him above ground. This leads to endless games of ‘where has the bunny gone?’ as we move the slider. The illustrations are brilliant too as there's lots going on with different animals, my little one likes to point out different animals for me to tell him the word. This has fast become a favourite in our house, especially as bunnies are his current favourite.
We're big fans of this range of books in our house. My 3 year old loves them.