Science Fiction and Fantasy

The very best SF and fantasy writing from celebrated authors such as Peter F Hamilton, China Mieville and Genevieve Cogman. Need more inspiration? Check out Adrian Tchaikovsky’s space epic Children of Time, winner of the 30th anniversary Arthur C Clark Award for best novel.

449 books available
  1. Book cover for Iron Angel

    Iron Angel

    Alan Campbell

  2. Book cover for The Clan Corporate

    The Clan Corporate

    Charles Stross

  3. Book cover for The Hidden Family

    The Hidden Family

    Charles Stross

  4. Book cover for Scar Night

    Scar Night

    Alan Campbell

  5. Book cover for Once


    James Herbert

  6. Book cover for Portent


    James Herbert

  7. Book cover for King's Man

    King's Man

    Tim Severin

  8. Book cover for Sworn Brother

    Sworn Brother

    Tim Severin

  9. Book cover for Odinn's Child

    Odinn's Child

    Tim Severin

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