Let's Play, Cheetah

Campbell Books

Illustrated by Jo Lodge

Ages 0 to 3
07 January 2021
10 pages


Meet The Googlies by Jo Lodge! In Let's Play, Cheetah, children will learn first words about playtime.

Bold, googly eyes and a sliding mechanism bring this adorable cheetah to life, while children share the simple story and point at the bright pictures.

An ideal book for babies, this title combines bright illustrations, a simple story and first words – a perfect introduction to playtime for little ones.

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I can totally see this series becoming a must-have for babies' bookshelves. They’re so accessible, entertaining and brilliant for early learners.
A bright board book for little ones, this one also has enduring appeal as babies become toddlers and start learning words. There are just a few point-and-say words on each spread, but it’s enough to start with and get kids used to seeing and saying objects and their names, even if they can’t read. The googly eyes are a fun extra which lend a play element to the book, too.