Five quotes that will inspire you to read more this year

If you've made a pledge to read more in 2015, these quotes will keep you on track and make sure you succeed!

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The start of any year can be exhausting and keeping New Year's resolutions can seem nigh on impossible, so when we spotted @Crusaderofchaos' plight on Twitter, we wanted to help. 

We've chosen five of the many quotes that inspire us to pick up a book. Here's to keeping our reading mojo in 2015 – the year Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has called 'the year of books'. 

1. If television is proving to be your worst enemy, take a leaf out of Groucho Marx's book:


2. If you're broke this month, you can travel in your mind while you read:


3. Resolved to meet new people this year? You can kill two birds with one stone:


4. Still exhausted after your holiday? Relax after all that December chaos with


5. And remember, it needn't be all about quantity:


Good luck!

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