A Voyage Through Air

Peter F. Hamilton

Ages 9 to 11
13 July 2017
336 pages


Invaders are coming. War seems inevitable. Can it be stopped? A Voyage Through Air is the stunning sequel to The Hunting of the Princes and the conclusion to the Queen of Dreams trilogy, from award-winning author Peter F. Hamilton.

War is coming. Every leader of every realm has sided with the War Emperor and pledged to fight the Karrak invaders. That is, apart from Taggie, the teenage Queen of Dreams-to-be.

Aided by an unusual band of allies, including a Karrak Lord, an elf and a feisty skyfolk captain, Taggie knows that the only way to stop the war is to find the long-lost gateway between our universe and the dark universe: the home of the Karrak people.

But where do you begin to look for something that was deliberately hidden? And just how much is Taggie willing to lose in her desperate quest for peace?