The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Peter F. Hamilton

24 June 2021
704 pages


The first volume in the Chronicles of the Fallers, The Abyss Beyond Dreams is an incredible adventure, exploring the mystery at the heart of the Peter F. Hamilton's sprawling Commonwealth Universe. For fans of Iain M. Banks and Alaistair Reynolds.

To save their civilization, he must destroy it.

When a so-called prophet sees visions of a lost civilization, Nigel Sheldon is asked to investigate. Especially as these dreams seem to be coming from the Void – a mysterious area of space with hugely destructive capabilities. Then Nigel crash-lands inside the Void, and finds so much more than he expected. Bienvenido: a planet populated by survivors from long-vanished Commonwealth ships.

For centuries their descendants have been fighting a desperate battle against the Fallers, space-born predators that have evolved to conquer worlds. And Nigel soon realizes that the Fallers hold the key to the destruction of the Void itself. If he can survive long enough to find it . . .

'Huge cast, enormous canvas, big ideas – mega in every way' – Daily Mail

Continue the adventure with the second in the duology, Night Without Stars.

A thoroughly enjoyable and unstoppable work that will leave you craving more.
The Fallers threaten not only human settlers, but also the very existence of the universe. Hamilton expertly interleaves disparate storylines
Another stonkingly large and addictive SF thriller from one of the genre’s leading exponents. Huge cast, enormous canvas, big ideas – mega in every way.