Family Matters: A Short Story

Peter F. Hamilton

28 August 2014
100 pages


From Peter F. Hamilton, Family Matters is a cyberpunk short story starring the psi-boosted private detective, Greg Mandel.

Richard Townsend would proudly call himself a man of business as he secures a lucrative, though not entirely legal, financial deal. What he believes to be easy money turns his life into a nightmare when detective Amanda Patterson knocks on his door to arrest him under suspicion of murdering local celebrity, Byrne Tayler.

On the surface, all the clues seem to point to Richard. But Richard professes his innocence. Desperate to find out the truth, and driven by her remarkable instinct, Amanda seeks advice from an ex-Mindstar Brigade soldier Greg Mendel, in the hope that Greg's enhanced psychic abilities will help to reveal the truth about what really happened . . .

Family Matters was originally published in a limited edition of Peter F. Hamilton's Mindstar Rising.