The Secret Throne

Peter F. Hamilton

Illustrated by Rohan Eason

Ages 9 to 11
30 July 2015
304 pages


Taggie and Jemima think they're ordinary sisters – until their father's disappearance draws them into a world very different from their own . . . A thrilling adventure begins with The Secret Throne, a magical tale from award-winning author Peter F. Hamilton.

Featuring beautiful black-and-white illustrations from Rohan Eason.

Taggie and her younger sister, Jemima, are just like any other girls their age. They live with their mum, go to school, play sports and spend their holidays with their dad in the countryside. But, one day, everything changes. One day, a white squirrel wearing purple glasses turns up in their lives.

The next thing the sisters know, their dad has been kidnapped, and it's up to the girls to get him back. But it seems their father has been keeping some very large secrets from his young daughters. Their dad is no ordinary man. He is an otherworldly prince in exile, and the land he should be ruling, the First Realm, has been overthrown by the King of Night.

Can Taggie and Jemima find their way between the worlds to save their father? What other secrets has he been hiding? Before long, the sisters realize that it is not just their dad's life at stake. It's the future of a whole world.

Continue the adventure with The Hunting of the Princes and A Voyage Through Air.

An exciting and intelligent tale, one with a moral message that is simple yet never overstated. The book's wit and charm spans the generations, making this a story to be shared and enjoyed by all ages.