Fallen Dragon

Peter F. Hamilton

2002 Nominee

The Arthur C. Clarke Award

02 September 2021
816 pages


Lawrence Newton always dreamed of adventure amongst the stars. Now the ultimate prize is within his grasp, but what will he risk to get it?

Lawrence is the sergeant of a washed-out platoon, taking part in the bungled invasion of yet another human colony world. The giant corporations call such campaigns ‘asset realization’, but in practice it’s simple piracy.

When he’s on the ground, being shot at and firebombed by resistance forces, he recalls stories of the Temple of the Fallen Dragon. Its priests supposedly guard a treasure hoard large enough to buy lifelong happiness. So Lawrence decides to mount a dangerous private-enterprise operation of his own.

Fallen Dragon is a classic standalone novel by science fiction star Peter F. Hamilton.

‘The owner of the most powerful imagination in science fiction’ – Ken Follett

‘Hamilton handles massive ideas with enviable ease’ Guardian