Night Without Stars

Peter F. Hamilton

24 June 2021
784 pages


Night Without Stars is the epic follow-up to The Abyss Beyond Dreams, and the stunning conclusion of the Chronicle of the Fallers duology from Peter F. Hamilton.

'Hamilton in peak form' – Kirkus Reviews

To prevent an invasion, she must start a revolution.

Part of the Commonwealth, the planet of Bienvenido is in crisis. They are battling the Fallers, a fearsome alien race who have now infiltrated every level of human society. Nowhere is safe – and no one can be trusted.

Known as the ‘Warrior Angel’, a mysterious individual is leading a desperate resistance, aided by forbidden technology. Yet the technophobic government obstructs the Angel’s efforts at every turn.

As Fallers prepare to attack from the skies, the odds seem impossible on the ground. However, astronaut Ry Evine has made a discovery. It could unlock powerful secrets of the Commonwealth – and prevent their annihilation. But time isn’t on humanity’s side . . .

A thrilling, multi-viewpoint ride . . . ties all the loose ends together in a satisfying denouement
Roars relentlessly along in utterly mesmerizing style, with edge-of-the-seat plotting, thrilling action and knife-edge tension that will leave readers gasping. An atomic blast of a yarn. Hamilton in peak form and absolutely not to be missed
Hamilton delivers on all the expectations set by The Abyss Beyond Dreams . . . pacing and exciting concepts keep the momentum fast and tensions high until a satisfying resolution