Book cover for Manhattan in Reverse

Manhattan in Reverse



25 July 2019
272 pages
Imprint: Pan


A rare collection from one of sci-fi’s more engaging storytellers
Hamilton is often associated with space operas unusual even in that genre for both scale and mass; one of the best stories here, “Watching Trees Grow”, depicts the human race’s expansion out from its home world as the background to an immortal Javert’s inexorable solution to a whodunit. He also usefully reminds us that it is possible for people of somewhat conservative views to be humane; the title story is an effective puzzle concluding in a moral point that does not only apply to alien planets
The collection’s highpoint is the excelled novella “Watching Tress Grow”, set in an alternate reality in which Rome never fell and most citizens are immortal
If you’re looking for a collection of truly well-written and engaging short science fiction stories, then Manhattan in Reverse is a great read