Judas Unchained

Peter F. Hamilton

20 August 2020
1248 pages


In this incredible sequel to Pandora's Star, the Commonwealth Saga goes out with a bang. Judas Unchained is a stunning, expansive space opera from one of the world's bestselling science fiction writers, Peter F. Hamilton.

Our worlds are under invasion – and only the impossible can save us now . . .

Over hundreds of years, the human race has been manipulated into starting a war. And it's one that could destroy our entire civilization. Chief Investigator Paula Myo is nominated to hunt the creature behind this ploy, while our invasion continues and multiple worlds fall to the enemy. In response, Admiral Kime commands humanity's defense, marshaling war-ready super-weapons. Yet he discovers his adversaries wield equally powerful armaments.

The question is – where did these come from? Has the Commonwealth's top-secret defense project been compromised, or is the truth even worse than we can imagine?

The Commonwealth Saga duology starts with Pandora's Star.

'If Pandora’s Star represented a return to form, Judas Unchained is even better' - Guardian

If Pandora’s Star represented a return to form, Judas Unchained is even better
Massively bloody action sequences, betrayals galore, and near-miraculous last-minute escapes . . . Highly recommended
A breathlessly entertaining experience to read . . . There's a sense of wonder here that's truly unchained