The Hunting of the Princes

Peter F. Hamilton

Ages 9 to 11
28 July 2016
304 pages


The tale that began in The Secret Throne continues in The Hunting of the Princes, a fantastical, illustrated adventure from award-winning author Peter F. Hamilton.

Taggie has had a busy year. From finding out she's the queen-to-be of a magical realm and learning to use magic . . . to discovering that someone wants her dead!

Assassins have been targeting royal heirs throughout the magical realms, and everyone thinks the Karrak invaders are responsible. War seems inevitable – yet Taggie has just found out two very interesting facts. Firstly, that the Karraks come from a completely different universe. And secondly, that there was once a gate to this universe – now lost in the mists of time.

If Taggie and her friends can find the gate, perhaps they can also stop the war? But to do so they need to find a Karrak who will take their side . . .

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