The Temporal Void

Peter F. Hamilton

05 August 2021
768 pages


Will their heart's desire doom a civilization? The bestselling Void trilogy continues in The Temporal Void, an astonishing and vast space opera from Peter F. Hamilton, set in the world of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is in turmoil, as a cult prepares for its pilgrimage into the Void. Breaching its boundaries could cause an irreparable rift in space. Yet these fanatics are unstoppable, convinced by the Void’s projections of a paradise within. An alien invasion fleet is also on the way, as the Oscien Empire attempts to take advantage of humanity’s confusion.

Investigator Paula Myo must hunt the Void’s latest prophet, in an attempt to stop her spreading its enticing visions. And at the heart of events is Edeard the Waterwalker, who lived long ago within the Void. Tales of his glorious story inspired the Pilgrimage – but may yet expose the Void’s true nature.

The Temporal Void is the second book in the Void trilogy. Complete the epic adventure with The Evolutionary Void.

One of the most popular authors of "space operas" in Britain today, writing vast doorsteps of novels that combine fantastic speculation with incredible detailed imagining of the lives we will lead after the 30th century . . . Hamilton's story telling is crystal clear
We've said it before but let's say it again: nobody does BIG SF quite like Hamilton
Hamilton again proves he's expert at conjuring widescreen space opera. But it's not just the epic at which he excels: the fantasy sequences . . . have an unexpected lightness of touch. An audacious collision of genres with real energy and verve: excellent.