Macmillan's 175th Anniversary - Molly Flatt and Chris Riddell at the British Library

As part of a year of activities to celebrate Macmillan's 175th anniversary of publishing, illustrator Chris Riddell and author Molly Flatt visited the British Library to delve into the Macmillan archive.

In this video, illustrator Chris Riddell and author Molly Flatt discuss a letter written by Daniel and Alexander Macmillan, founders of Macmillan.

Molly and Chris discover the stories behind more artefacts from the Macmillan archive, including the plates used to illustrate the original Alice in Wonderland.

Chris and Molly take a look at a very special edition of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories.

Molly and Chris take a look at an early edition of Millicent Garrett Fawcett's The Education of Women for the Middle and Upper Classes.

In this video, Molly and Chris view an early edition of The Golden Treasury, compiled by Francis Turner Palgrave, and discuss their experiences of the writing and publishing process.