The Teeny Weeny Genie

Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Anna Currey

Ages 2 to 6
05 August 2021
32 pages


A brilliantly entertaining 'be-careful-what-you-wish-for' tale that's full of farmyard fun – from the bestselling Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Anna Currey in her charming, classic style.

Old Macdonald is cleaning out his farmhouse kitchen when he comes across a dusty old teapot. And no one could be more surprised when a wish-granting genie pops out of the spout. Old Macdonald wishes for a wife, who wishes for a baby. A baby who wishes for a dog, who wishes for a cat, who wishes for some mice! It doesn't take long before the farmyard starts getting very busy, and VERY noisy! Will the genie ever get a break from granting wishes, and find some peace? If only there was someone who could grant him a wish . . .

The Teeny Weeny Genie is a magical picture book adventure packed with lots of favourite farmyard animals from Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey, creators of Rosie's Hat and One Ted Falls Out of Bed.

Old Macdonald has more than just his animals to contend with in a brilliant new picture book – bursting with life, laughter and chaos – from world-renowned children’s author Julia Donaldson and talented illustrator Anna Currey. . . Currey’s gallery of charming, classic-style watercolour illustrations bring extra energy to Donaldson’s enchanting story which comes packed with favourite farmyard animals, and will have youngsters laughing all the way through the frantic antics… and maybe thinking twice before making their own wishes!
The Teeny Weeny Genie is a charming fresh take on the cautionary theme “be careful what you wish for”. Children will absolutely love the connections to the beloved nursery rhyme, Old Macdonald had a farm. The rhyming passages and wacky wishes are hilarious and delightful! We loved it.
It seems that Old MacDonald, by far the dominant agricultural presence in the children's songbook, is not satisfied with just having a farm full of livestock - it's a bit too much work for one man. What he'd really like is a wife to help him, so when he discovers a tiny wish-granting genie hiding in a teapot in a cupboard he's cleaning out, naturally his first request is for a Mrs MacDonald. Only she has her needs too - a baby, please. And baby wants a dog, who wants a cat, and on, and on - is there no end to this rural madness?