Peter F. Hamilton

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07 October 2011
51 minutes
Damian Lynch
Camilla Mathias
Steve Hodson

Taken from Peter F. Hamilton's short story collection Manhattan in Reverse, Footvote is a thrilling short story featuring Paulo Myo of the Commonwealth Saga.

It's our world, present day – the UK is going to rack and ruin. There are strikes, the power facilities don't have enough technicians to continue running them, oppression and a terminal malaise afflicts the country and there seems no respite from the economic catastrophe. Then Bradley Ethan Murray opens a wormhole, a passage through to a new world and, potentially, a new world order.

New Suffolk is available for all 'decent people' from the UK to start a new life – free from the troubles they will leave behind them. But is a new world really the way to help alleviate the problems of Earth?