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Misspent Youth

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28 January 16
759 mins
Steven Crossley


Set in the near future, over three hundred years before Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained, Peter F. Hamilton's Misspent Youth is a gripping introduction to the world of the Commonwealth Saga.

Jeff Baker is granted the gift of eternal youth. However, it's not all it seems . . .

It is 2040 and, after decades of research, we can finally rejuvenate a human being. At seventy-eight years old, Jeff Baker - renowned inventor and philanthropist - has given the world much of his creative genius. He's therefore selected as first choice for this gift.

At first, rejuvenation feels like a miracle, until the glow begins to fade. Personal relationships start to break down and the world waits for more brilliant new work. Living the dream will come at a cost, but can Jeff pay the price?

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Peter F. Hamilton peoples his story with strong characters . . . clever and sharply observant
Incredibly real . . . highly recommended
The world created by Peter is once again full of ideas