The Temporal Void

Peter F. Hamilton

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06 November 2014
768 pages

Following on from The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton is the second book in the incredibly successful Void Trilogy.

Humanity is in turmoil as a fanatical cult, inspired by projected dreams from the Void, prepares to journey beyond its boundaries - no matter what they will unleash in doing so . . .

Investigator Paula Myo is determined to find the Void's 'Second Dreamer', Araminta, who is channelling the latest visions of Edeard the Waterwalker. A messiah, it's his crusade against injustice that has influenced billions to risk journeying into the unknown.

It's only as the dreams reach their culmination and Edeard's story nears its end that the Void's true nature will be revealed. And by then it may be too late . . .

Continue and finish the trilogy with The Evolutionary Void.

One of the most popular authors of "space operas" in Britain today, writing vast doorsteps of novels that combine fantastic speculation with incredible detailed imagining of the lives we will lead after the 30th century . . . Hamilton's story telling is crystal clear.


Even in the longest established careers, there should still be the potential for surprises. In Peter F Hamilton's case, it might just be that he has the same gift for fantasy narratives as he has for hard SF...hugely impressive. We've said it before but let's say it again: nobody does BIG SF quite like Hamilton.


Peter F Hamilton certainly doesn't work on a small scale. Such ambitions require formidable technical prowess and, with the second volume in his Void Trilogy, Hamilton again proves he's expert at conjuring widescreen space opera. But it's not just the epic at which he excels: the fantasy sequences...have an unexpected lightness of touch. An audacious collision of genres with real energy and verve: excellent.

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