It's been a good week for Adrian Tchaikovsky! Not only was his recent SF novel CHILDREN OF TIME shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke award last Thursday, we are now ready to reveal the wonderful cover for his next title, THE BEAR AND THE SERPENT... (CHILDREN OF TIME is just out in paperback by the way - GO GO GO!) 


Actually, first, a bit about the book: following THE TIGER AND THE WOLF (currently out in hardback), this is Book 2 in the Echoes of the Fall trilogy, and is due to hit the shelves in March 2017. If you haven't got your hands on Book 1 yet, here's a free extract to whet your appetite. If you HAVE already read The Tiger and the Wolf, or you are the kind of brave soul who doesn't mind slight spoilers, scroll down for a hint of what's to come in Book 2!  A coming-of-age tale in a land of shape-shifters, violent politics and betrayal, this is fantasy for fans of sweeping epics and nuanced characters. And now, the cover:


Wait, first I want to talk about the designer! Regular Tor designer Neil Lang has done a fab job, as always, on this cover. Keeping to the style of the series (mmmm, who doesn't love a nice, matching series) whilst bringing a whole new texture to the second book. So without further ado:


ACTUALLY -- just kidding. I don't have any more to add. Cant bear the suspense? (Yes, I did just really want to make that pun.) Look no further:


Maniye, child of Wolf and Tiger, has a new soul and a new shape. But as Champion of the
Crown of the World, does she represent an opportunity for the North – or a threat? Travelling
as a bodyguard to the Southern prince, with her warband of outcasts, she hopes to finally
discover her true place in the world.

But if only it was that simple. Tensions rise, and new allies face up to old enemies as civil
war threatens to tear the South apart. Royal twins can't share a throne, so one must be chosen. And whoever rules the southern Sun River Nation will hold the fate of the world in their hands. As the protector of one potential heir, Maniye soon finds herself at the eye of a political storm. Yet all the while, an enemy from the most ancient of times prepares for conquest, and could destroy everything in their path…


Praise for The Tiger and The Wolf


‘It’s addictively brilliant! The protagonist is vivid and sympathetic – and I love both the story and the world Adrian has created. It’s meticulously thought out and utterly believable’ 
John Gwynne

‘A classically brilliant fantasy writer, a pusher of boundaries, a great storyteller’ 
Paul Cornell

‘This is a satisfying read, a story you can really lose yourself in’ 

‘Equally deft in the realms of science fiction and fantasy adventure, Adrian Tchaikovsky knows how to take you to a place, no matter the setting . . .  Maniye Many Tracks is a fascinating character; layered, strong, torn, constantly developing and hugely empathetic’ 

‘Tchaikovsky has woven a richly textured world, brimming with difference and complexity’